Simon Schneiderman

“Little Big Man”

Ink on Paper
Limited Edition Print
Edition of 150

Unframed $210
15" x 15"  

Roma Ambik wood and lacquer frame
21" x 21" 


Ambik Black

Ambik White

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Simon Schneiderman
Simon Schneiderman

Simon Schneiderman is a close observer of gesture and nuance, a facility he developed as an only child. He built on that skill through years as a trial lawyer – keenly watching witnesses for hidden meaning. His work combines his love of the figure with his love of language to portray something that is true. Funny and poignant, his images ask us to lean in and listen carefully.

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February 2, 2016  The Ontario Bar Assoc. at The Albany Club Toronto

February 18, 2016  The Artist Project at The Better Living Centre Toronto

Simon Schneiderman